Which is better, steam mop or electric mop?


There are two new types of mops on the market now, one […]

There are two new types of mops on the market now, one is a steam mop and the other is an electric mop, which brings convenience to our daily cleaning work. But many friends are confused, which one is better? Which one should I choose? I think they have their own advantages and disadvantages, how to choose, or to see which one is more suitable for you.

1. Steam mop
As the name suggests, the steam mop releases high-temperature steam during the mopping process, so as to achieve the effect of decontamination and high-temperature sterilization on the ground. While removing dirt, it effectively kills mites and bacteria on the ground, resulting in a clean home. This mop is suitable for families with children so that even children playing on the ground don't have to worry about their health.

2. Electric mop
Now, the electric mops on the market can both mop and sweep, and they belong to the products of mopping and sweeping. The effect of removing stains and stains is very good. Many are completely effortless, and there is no fatigue caused by hygiene in the past. The advantages of electric mops are also obvious.

Which is better, steam mop or electric mop?
These two mops bring convenience to our lives, and they also save a lot of time in cleaning up. The choice between the two is based on self-judgment, and friends who have conditions can buy these two products at home.

The above is the introduction of "Which is better between steam mop and electric mop", I hope it can help everyone. For more information, please continue to pay attention to Luban Daojia!

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