What is the working principle of the steam cleaner


The steam cleaner uses the steam generated at high temp […]

The steam cleaner uses the steam generated at high temperature to accelerate the movement speed of the resistant molecules on the dirt surface. By destroying the binding force between them, it can achieve the purpose of eliminating various stubborn stains, and at the same time, it will remove all kinds of bacteria and mites attached to the object. , Microorganisms and pathogens are completely eliminated.

In household use, high-temperature and high-pressure steam is used to clean floors, doors, windows and clothing, range hoods, air conditioners, microwave ovens, sanitary ware, surface cleaning, deep sterilization and mite removal, which is environmentally friendly and hygienic. Can help prevent allergies and eliminate stubborn stains and oil stains. No chemical reagents are needed, and there is almost no damage to cleaning items.

Learn more about the core technology. The most important core of a steam cleaner is the heating system technology, which determines its safety and durability. The steam cleaner optimizes the heat transfer inside the system, allowing a small amount of water to be quickly heated in the internal pipes. The system is controlled by a pressure switch to ensure a constant steam pressure. When the steam trigger is released, steam will accumulate in the heating system and steam hose. This acts as a "pressure storage", generating up to 3.5 bar of steam. The steam system shuts down immediately after releasing the trigger, so the steam output stops immediately. Such a complete pressure system guarantees the stability and safety of steam pressure.

The heating system of the steam cleaner is a closed system. Optimized on the basis of the traditional heating tube system, taking into account the advantages of the boiler system can produce high-quality steam and the heating tube system can quickly heat up. The final preheating time of the machine is only 30 seconds, and it can output high-pressure steam, which is safe and reliable!

The steam outlet is equipped with a pressure control switch. When the switch is closed, a closed space can be formed in the heating tube to generate high-pressure steam. A water softening device is designed in the water tank to pre-treat the hardness of the water before pumping it into the heating pipe. Therefore, the problem of common water tanks prone to scale formation is solved. The steam cleaner can directly use tap water and can effectively avoid scale.


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