The working principle of the steam generator suddenly understood


A steam generator, commonly known as a steam boiler, is […]

A steam generator, commonly known as a steam boiler, is a device that produces steam. The principle of the steam generator is to use fuel or other energy to heat water into steam, which is used for the steam demand of clothing, food, industry and other industries.

However, few friends will understand how it works. Familiarity with and flexible grasp of the principles of steam generators will greatly help its use and improve efficiency. The steam generator is mainly composed of water supply system, automatic control system, furnace and so on. The airbag consists of a heating system and a safety protection system. Its basic working principle is: through a set of automatic control device, to ensure that the liquid controller or high, medium and low electrode probe feedback control the opening and closing of the water pump, the length of water supply time, and the heating time. The furnace during operation; with the continuous output of steam through the pressure relay, the set maximum steam pressure continuously reduces the boiler water level. When it is at a low water level (mechanical) or a medium water level (electronic), the water pump automatically replenishes water, and when it reaches a high water level, the water pump stops replenishing water; at the same time, the electric heating tube in the furnace is continuously heated and steam is continuously generated. The pointer pressure gauge on the panel or on the top shows the steam pressure value immediately, and the whole process can be automatically displayed by the indicator light.

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At the same time, in the steam generator system, the feed water is heated to a certain temperature in the heater, enters the economizer through the feed water pipe, and is sent to the boiler steam drum after further heating, which acts with the boiler steam generator and runs along the lower pipe. Drop until the water cools. Wall inlet headers. The water absorbs the radiant heat of the furnace in the water-cooled wall tube to form a steam-water mixture, which reaches the steam drum through the standpipe, and the steam-water separation device separates the water from the steam.

The separated saturated steam flows from the upper part of the steam drum to the superheater of the steam engine, and continues to absorb heat to become superheated steam at 450°C, which is then sent to the steam turbine. In combustion and flue gas systems, a blower sends air into an air preheater, heating it to a certain temperature. The pulverized coal is ground into a certain fineness in the coal mill, carried by a part of the hot air of the air preheater, and injected into the furnace through the burner. The mixture of pulverized coal and air ejected by the burner mixes with the remaining hot air in the furnace and burns, releasing a lot of heat. The hot flue gas after combustion flows through the furnace, the slag tube bundle, the superheater, the economizer and the air preheater in sequence, and then the fly ash is removed by the dust removal device, and finally sent to the chimney fan by the induced air and discharged into the atmosphere.

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