How to use the garment steamer


Since the Handheld Garment Steamer is bought back, it i […]

Since the Handheld Garment Steamer is bought back, it is of course necessary to make the best use of it to give full play to its effects. Everyday, you can use it to iron clothes. How to iron clothes with a garment steamer? Share the process to everyone:

The first step is to take out the clothes that need to be ironed and put them aside, then put the garment ironing machine in a suitable position, pour water into the water tank, and turn on the power.

The second step, if you want to ensure safe use, you can check the condition of the power cord before turning on the power to avoid damage to the power cord and short-circuit the garment ironer.

The third step is to clamp the clothes with a clip, starting from the neckline, then to the shoulders, then to the back of the clothes, and then to the front of the clothes. Follow this process to iron.

The fourth step, if there are obvious wrinkles in some parts of the clothes, you can iron them repeatedly until they are ironed. Remember not to directly press the brush head directly on the clothes. They should be separated by a certain distance.

The fifth step, take off the ironed clothes, fold them, change to new clothes and continue ironing, remember to tighten the clothes before ironing.

The sixth step is to cut off the power supply, pour out all the water in the garment steamer's water tank, dry the inside with a dry cloth, and then put the garment steamer back to its original place.


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