Product features and functions of the steam cleaner


The steam cleaner is automatically controlled to heat a […]

The steam cleaner is automatically controlled to heat and continuously generate steam for continuous cleaning. Pure high-pressure steam, without adding any chemical preparations, is completely environmentally friendly. The imported power cord can effectively separate the water and soak the dust to ensure safety. The product is resistant to turbidity and high strength. The special heating tube is integrated with the pot body, which is heated in all directions, with high thermal efficiency and energy saving. 3 meters long wire, more convenient to use. Just add a few minutes of water to generate high-temperature, high-pressure steam, which can be used to clean and wrinkle various types of surfaces. It effectively utilizes the high temperature and pressure of water vapor and transforms different configurations to clean: indoor floor, bathroom, bathroom, kitchen, gas range, range hood, window glass; wrinkle and ironing of clothing, curtains, fabric sofas, etc. . It has the advantages of anti-virus, disinfection and environmental protection.


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